Megateeth Fossils Offers Unique Easter Basket Gift Idea For Families

2023-04-05 01:32:16 By : Mr. Keyi Li

Savannah, GA, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- – Bill Eberlein, professional scuba diver and owner of MegaTeeth Fossils, has uncovered the perfect one-of-a-kind gift to include in your Easter baskets this year. Eberlein dives for perfectly preserved prehistoric giant Megalodon and Mako shark teeth and has discovered that people love to give and receive these as special gifts!

“Megalodon and Mako shark teeth are such unique gifts that really shake up the usual Easter basket contents, especially for those families with older children looking for more interesting gifts than just candy.” Eberlein stated. “Every single tooth is unique, so you know they’ll never get another gift like it. I love seeing the reactions of people who are gifted giant Megalodon teeth, and I often hear from families whose kids are so excited to receive a real and authentic fossilized shark tooth. Teenagers particularly like to receive a shark tooth pendant which are made with the teeth I find.” Displays Stands

Megateeth Fossils Offers Unique Easter Basket Gift Idea For Families

As the spring holidays and Easter weekend get closer, Eberlein knows to expect a high volume of orders, so he recommends that you place your orders early not only to get the tooth you want, but also to make sure it gets there in time. Shipping takes up to 5 days in the US and 15 days internationally. These Megalodon teeth, jewelry and other fossils are available for purchase on his website at and fit every budget from $20 to over $1,000 for the museum quality fossils.

Eberlein has been diving for megalodon teeth since 1998, and each item is from Eberlein’s personal collection. Unless stated otherwise, each shark tooth purchase will include an acrylic display stand, certificate of authenticity and fossil identification information and an article about Eberlein’s hunt for shark teeth.

For more information please visit the MegaTeeth Fossils website or email Eberlein at

Megateeth Fossils Offers Unique Easter Basket Gift Idea For Families

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