Overnight News Digest December 7, 2021-"Go on" edition

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Introduce your 2021 major ten league football champion

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Chicago Sun-Times: Omicron is all around us: Mitchell Amentlaut confirms the first latest COVID-19 variant case in Illinois in Chicago residents

Omicron has officially arrived in Chicago.

Public health officials announced on Tuesday that the latest “variation of concern” for COVID-19 was detected in a Chicago resident who had been vaccinated with a booster. That person had contact with a city visitor who signed with Omicron.

Officials from the Illinois and Chicago Department of Public Health said in a joint statement that the infected Chicagoans “do not need to be hospitalized, are getting better, and have been in self-isolation since they developed symptoms.” Further contact tracing is underway.

Chicago Director of Public Health, Dr. Allison Arwady (Allison Arwady) said in a statement: "Although it is not surprising, this news should alert Chicagoans to the continuing threat from COVID-19, especially family members. When preparing to get together during the holidays."

"We know how to slow the spread of this virus: get vaccinated, boost immunizations, get tested when symptoms appear or have been in contact with COVID-19 patients, and stay away from others if they test positive."

The New York Times: The House of Representatives passes Catie Edmondson's $768 billion defense policy bill

WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives passed a $768 billion defense policy bill on Tuesday with an overwhelming advantage. Legislators abruptly abandoned a proposal requiring women to register to participate in the draft, abolished the 2002 Iraq War authorization, and gave Russian gas The pipeline imposes sanctions. -One year's effort to save the priorities of the two parties.

This legislation was announced a few hours before the vote, and the Democratic-led Congress is expected to increase the Pentagon’s budget by approximately $24 billion, which is approximately $24 billion higher than President Biden’s request. This has angered the hope that their party will control the White House and After decades of growth in anti-war progressives in both houses, Congress will lead to reductions in military plans.

On the contrary, the measure significantly increased measures aimed at countering China and supporting Ukraine, as well as the purchase of new aircraft and ships, and underscored the consensus that both parties on Capitol Hill would continue to spend large amounts of federal funds on defense measures, even as Republicans criticized the Democrats. People spend freely on social projects.

Washington Post: The first laboratory results show that omicron can "evade" antibodies more widely than previous variants of Carolyn Y. Johnson and Joel Achenbach

The first laboratory study to test a variant of the coronavirus omicron against the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine showed that the variant has a significant (but not all) ability to evade antiviral antibodies as a key line of defense.

In a preprinted paper that has not yet been peer-reviewed, scientists in South Africa reported that the virus-blocking ability of the antibody was reduced by 41-fold—"a wider escape than previously seen with variants of similar experiments." But the scientists emphasized the positive factors of their research: Omicron did not completely escape the antibody. People who were previously infected and completely vaccinated with two injections retained a "relatively high" level of antibodies to protect the omicron.

"Previous infection, subsequent vaccination or booster immunity may increase the level of neutralization and may confer Omicron infection protection from serious diseases," the study said.

Guardian: Kellogg will replace 1,400 strikers due to workers' refusal to trade

Kellogg has stated that it will permanently replace 1,400 workers who have been on strike since October. The decision was made when most of its grain factory employees rejected a deal that could provide a 3% salary increase. of.

The International Union of Bakeries, Candy Stores, Tobacco Workers and Grain Processors (BCTGM) said the vast majority of workers voted to reject the five-year proposal.

The decision was made after months of fierce disagreements between the company and the union. The rejected proposal will provide cost-of-living adjustments later in the transaction and preserve the workers’ current health care benefits. But the workers said they should get a big salary increase because they usually work more than 80 hours a week and they keep factories running throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

CNN: After Natasha Chen, Amy Simonson, and Tina Burnside forced the family to leave their homes, Hawaii health officials ordered the Navy to clean up contaminated drinking water

(CNN)-The Hawaii Department of Health asked the Navy to immediately stop operations at the Navy's fuel storage facility because the leak caused the drinking water to be contaminated-forcing 700 people to leave their homes and sick family members.

On Sunday, Rear Admiral Black Converse, deputy commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, confirmed that the oil spill was the cause.

NBC News: Biden warned Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine through Shannon Pettypage, Putin will respond "strongly"

WASHINGTON - On Tuesday, President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will take "strong economic measures" and increase military assistance to the region.

Biden told Putin that in addition to sanctions, the United States will provide Ukraine with additional defense materials and build military capabilities in neighboring countries bordering Russia.

"He told President Putin directly that if Russia further invades Ukraine, the United States and our European allies will respond with strong economic measures," said Jack Sullivan, the national security adviser. "We will provide the Ukrainians with additional defensive materials beyond what we have already provided, and we will provide additional capabilities for the NATO allies in the east wing to deal with this upgrade."

Reuters: Exclusive: Edward Mcallister, Libby George and Stephanie Nebehay expired as many as 1 million COVID vaccines in Nigeria last month

Dakar, December 7 (Reuters)-Two sources told Reuters that as many as 1 million COVID-19 vaccines were estimated to have expired and were not used in Nigeria last month. This is one of the largest single dose losses. One, it shows that it is difficult for African countries to obtain shooting in weapons.

With vaccination rates lagging behind wealthy regions, the government on this continent of more than 1 billion people has been pushing for more vaccine deliveries, which increases the risk of new variants such as the Omicron coronavirus that is currently spreading in South Africa.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in Nigeria, which has the largest population in Africa and has a population of more than 200 million, less than 4% of adults are vaccinated.

However, the recent surge in supply has caused a new problem: Many African countries have found that they are unable to manage these lenses, some of which have a short shelf life.

BBC News: Jamal Khashoggi: Reporter arrested in Paris on suspicion of murder

According to the police, a Saudi man suspected of involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been arrested in France.

Police sources told the BBC that Khaled Aedh Alotaibi was arrested at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Tuesday.

He is believed to be one of 26 Saudis wanted in Turkey for the killing.

A Saudi official later said that the arrest was a case of misidentification, and the person involved in the murder had been convicted in Saudi Arabia.

RTL Radio stated that Mr. Alotaibi was a 33-year-old former Saudi Royal Guard who traveled in his own name and was detained by justice.

Khashoggi, a well-known critic of the Riyadh government, was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.

Deutsche Welle: Death toll from volcanic eruption in Indonesia rises

The Indonesian National Disaster Agency announced on Tuesday that the death toll from the eruption of Mount Semeru on Java Island has risen to 34.

Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java, which is the most populous island in the world, including Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The last eruption was in January and there were no casualties.

How much damage did the volcanic eruption cause?

As thousands of residents fled the area, Mount Semeru sprayed a puff of hot ash mushrooms into the sky on Saturday, and hot mud fell. The disaster filled the entire street with mud and ashes, and destroyed countless houses and vehicles.

Lava and hot gas swept 11 kilometers along the slopes of Mount Semeru.

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