Elf Bar has longer-lasting newer premium vape

2022-12-06 20:30:57 By : Ms. Doris Cai

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Published 16:16, 15 November 2022 GMT | Last updated 16:17, 15 November 2022 GMT

Pray for your lungs and try your best to resist the temptation, because a new Elf Bar has been released which lasts longer.

When I was a teenager, I smoked cigarettes - and the odd water vapour vape from Camden - before cutting the habit several years ago.

Alas, then along came a tiny little device which came in cute little colours, with a cute little name without the 'nasty stuff' of a normal cigarette, which I could puff on - even indoors - without reeking of tar but wafts of sweet, comforting peach or blue razz lemonade.

Soon, I ended up puffing through a whole bar every two days - or maybe even a day - so addicted to the nicotine rush I couldn't care less about the prospect of getting popcorn lung. However, the hole in my wallet? It needed to stop.

While I've ditched my vape obsession and gone back to the odd cigarette - I understand the irony - Elf Bar has since come up with a solution, offering vapers a longer-lasting, re-chargeable but still disposable device called the 'Elf Bar BC5000'.

The news has brought joy to the ears of many vapers but pain to my weary respiratory system.

The new Elf Bar features a sparkling new design which is larger than the original bar, with rounded edges and a mouthpiece which sticks out the top of its rectangular shape.

The Elf Bar BC5000 comes in over 45 flavours and you can get it in zero percent, three or five percent nicotine.

Being larger, the Elf Bar BC5000 is also said to have 5,000 puffs compared to the original bar which had 600 - as a result of its 'new optimized structure and innovative material' such as a mesh coil, oil-conducting fibres and 13mL vape tank, as per Elf Bar's website.

It's also re-chargeable - featuring a USB-C port at the bottom of the device - so despite being priced higher at $19.99 (around a tenner in the UK) it has a better overall puff-to-pound ratio.

"It’s amazing how much usage you can get out of these. Of course, with a 650 mAh battery, you are going to have to charge them a few times before the liquid is totally used up. If you have a moderate consumption, you could conceivably get a whole day out of one charge. But heavy usage will likely fall shy of a full day," one vaper reviewed the new release on Vaping360.

Another vaper reviewed the product on Baby Boomers as a 'more durable,' 'high-end disposable option' which despite it's 'flashy colours' is an 'affordable' option with 'excellent' flavours.

However, as if you didn't need any more reminding, smoking isn't - and will never be - good for you. Not even if it comes in a pretty, colourful package.

Oh, and you should only be smoking if you're over 18 and all of that jazz.

Featured Image Credit: Elf Bar/ Tomas Anderson / Alamy Stock Photo

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